Cancer Center in Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes, Mexico (August 9 2008) – Southwest Oncology Centers is proud to announce the inauguration of the Louis and Lucille Grado Cancer Center in Aguascalientes, Mexico. This center is truly one of the most advanced cancer centers in the country, and it’s part of the renowned group of clinics headed by Dr. Gordon Grado, which include Southwest Oncology Centers, Yuma Oncology Centers, and the Grado Centers for Excellence. More than 150 guests attended the inauguration that was joined by medical, civil, and political leaders of the state of Aguascalientes and neighboring cities.

The inauguration of this center marks a new era for cancer care in Mexico, since this is the only center in the country that is led by a group of US and US trained medical staff and other cooperating multidisciplinary team of doctors, oncology nurses, medical physicists and radiation therapists, who are knowledgeable of the latest types of treatment available for cancer patients.

This is also the only oncology center in the state featuring a linear accelerator. The linear accelerator is equipped with 360° 3D Conformal Therapy and MLC (Multi-Leaf Collimator). The sophisticated computer hardware and software capabilities enable the therapeutic range of high-dose radiation to be further focused on tumors, reducing the dosage on vital organs around the tumors to enhance tumor control and limit side effects, which in turn further improves medical quality and patient survival rate.



Doctor Grado is a firm believer that technology is important, but that the human resources and the right types of treatments are more. That is why the radiation oncologist who will provide care in the center devoted a year of training at SWOC under the direct supervision and support of Dr. Grado.

The idea of building a cancer center in Mexico has being a long time dream of Doctor Grado who is concerned about the care of the Mexican population and wants to provide hope for those who needed the most.

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