Colorectal Cancer

Cancer of the colon and rectum is common. Age, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, and family history are some of the factors that can lead to colorectal cancer. Frequent medical tests and early recognition of symptoms can help lead to earlier diagnosis, thereby leading to a greater chance of successful treatment.

Although early-stage tumors can often be treated with surgical removal, larger tumors or cancers in the lower rectum require other treatments to achieve a successful outcome or to prevent the need for a permanent colostomy. Pre-operative irradiation for 5 to 6 weeks (with or without chemotherapy, depending on other factors) is often required to prepare larger tumors for adequate surgery. Concurrent chemo-irradiation has now become the standard curative approach for cancers in the lower rectum or anal canal, with that approach often preventing the need to proceed with colostomy placement. Tomotherapy permits reduction of dose to the small intestines, while delivering higher-dose treatment to the colorectal tumor and its draining lymph nodes — thereby reducing the risks of long-term bowel problems and of post-surgical complications.

Colorectal cancer can metastasize to the liver, sometimes as the only site of distant spread. As the liver tissue is quite sensitive to irradiation, in the past it has been difficult to irradiate liver metastases without causing severe side effects. Tomotherapy, however, now provides the chance to treat limited portions of the liver with high accuracy, while sparing the rest of this vital organ.

The goal of Grado Clinics is to diagnose the symptoms of colorectal cancer in its early stage, when the possibility of survival is greater. Research indicates that the majority of patients across the world are diagnosed with colorectal cancer only at the last stages. Our experienced doctors are dedicated to detecting the disease at the earliest possible time, and with a much-needed gentle touch.

We have been able to control the colorectal cancer rate to a significant level by generating awareness and encouraging people, particularly those who are more than 40 years of age, to go for the relevant medical tests and frequent physical checkups.

Whatever may be your physical or emotional problems, you can easily discuss all your difficulties at our centers without any apprehensions, and we would be very pleased to address your problems and find suitable solutions. Our doctors and counselors guide the patients at every step of their treatment in order to help obtain favorable results. You will be consulted at every step of the process, as we strive together to devise positive medical strategies for maximum benefit to our patients. As a consequence of our undertaking this approach, our patients have recognized the Grado Clinics as one of the best colorectal treatment centers.

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