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The other cancer besides prostate cancer that is exclusive to men is testis cancer. The most common variety, seminoma, is very sensitive to radiation and can be treated 95% of the time with about 3 weeks of treatment. The fields of treatment, however, include a large volume of lymph nodes within the abdominal and pelvic cavities. This can sometimes result in nausea or diarrhea because of the small intestine within the treated volume. Tomotherapy is an excellent way to treat such tumors, while relatively sparing adjacent small bowel.

Genitourinary Cancer Center

Genitourinary cancers, more commonly found to affect men, can originate in the bladder, kidney, prostate, urinary tract, testicles, and penis. Genitourinary cancer affects the reproductive system and the system that removes the waste from the body. Timely detection of cancer with proper medical treatment is essential as it has the tendency to spread to the other parts, near the affected area. The chances of having genitourinary cancer are high in cases where it runs in the family.

Both men and women can develop bladder cancer. If this only involves the inside surface of the bladder, surgical removal and/or instillation of chemotherapy within the bladder is very successful. Tumors that have grown into the bladder muscle are much more difficult to control. Sometimes the only potentially curative procedure requires surgical removal of the entire bladder (radical cystectomy). In selected patients, high doses of localized radiation with or without chemotherapy can also result in treatment rates comparable to radical cystectomy. With Tomotherapy, it is possible to achieve these high doses while limiting the side effects from adjacent bowel.

We at Grado Clinics ensure that every case of cancer is dealt with utmost attention, care, and concern. We realize how important it is for the ailing to get better soon and to be free of stress and pain. Our team of medical experts take every symptom very seriously and ensure accurate and timely diagnosis of genitourinary cancer.

Genitourinary Cancer Treatment

The medical staff at Grado Clinics is well equipped with experience, know-how, and competence to plan and prescribe the best medical procedure for genitourinary cancer treatment. Keen efforts are taken to diagnose the ailment at the earliest to impede its development and migration to other parts of the body. The approach to treat the cancer is practical, guided by latest developments in the arena of cancer treatment.

Our energies are aimed to make the entire medical process easy and stress-free for the patient and the family. We extend emotional and mental support to the ailing to fight back the disease with confidence. Family is encouraged to become a part of the treatment to exhibit their care, concern, and backing for the patient to recover soon.

Genitourinary Cancer Surgery

With our latest technology in the field of genitourinary cancer surgery, Tomotherapy treatment devices, advanced radiation oncology treatment, and a dedicated team of doctors, we strive to deliver our best to treat and relieve the patient from the disease. CT images are used on a daily basis to ensure the treatment goes as planned and prescribed. The medical procedure is implemented in a way that it causes fewer side effects on the patients’ health and body. All our approaches aim to ensure effective and early curability of the ailing along with improved cancer control rates.

We are abreast with the modern trends in the genitourinary surgery, as in the case of the bladder cancer, and have state-of the-art radiation treatment along with Tomotherapy for cancer such as testis cancer, which is exclusive to men. Our medical methodology is based on practical approach with compassion and empathy for the ailing to get well soon. Our focus lies with reducing the pain, anxiety, and time taken to heal the illness, and to release the patient from the fear of the disease.

Genitourinary Cancer Clinic

We at Grado Clinics are always willing to help you with any query or problem. You can contact us anytime, and we would be glad to address your enquiry. We believe in making the treatment for cancer the most effective one that delivers the best result for the patient and his family. Our considerate methods and genuine efforts with which we deal with cases of cancer make us one of the best genitourinary cancer centers across the world. Grado Clinics has been successful in becoming a trusted cancer clinic for treating all types of cancers with efficiency and sympathy.

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