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Cancers of the head and neck can be treated with proper surgery and even radiation therapy. Most cancerous cells of the head and neck tend to begin in the squamous epithelium that lines the mucosal surfaces. These cancers, generally, do not spread to other organs of the body from their origin. Proper medication and counseling after the treatment can easily go a long way in eliminating this disease.

Although cancers of the throat, voice box, mouth, and nose can be successfully treated and cured with limited surgery and radiation therapy (with or without chemotherapy depending upon other factors), the side effects of temporary loss of appetite, taste, vocal quality, and saliva production can be severe, resulting in significant weight loss. Long-term damage to the teeth and jaw can also occur. Since Tomotherapy can better protect the saliva glands and vocal apparatus than even standard Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), it is likely that both acute and long-term side effects will be reduced by applying this new technique without changing the treatment rates.

Exceptional Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer

At Grado Clinics, we endeavor to provide top class head and neck cancer treatment to our patients with the help of trained doctors, latest medical equipment, and a positive environment. We try to eliminate the disease completely with our effective medication, latest radiation therapies, surgeries, and post cancer counseling.

We take into account all the important physical details of the patient, and then plan suitable head and neck cancer treatments, according to the existing physical conditions of the patient. We believe in providing quick and everlasting relief in the form of proper medication, surgeries, and radiation therapies that go a long way in helping our patients recuperate effectively.

Effective Medication for Cancer

We take extra precaution when it comes to medicines, surgeries or therapies as we only provide the best drugs that are properly tested by the regulatory authorities. You do not need to worry about any side effects that might be caused by radiation therapy or surgery as our trained physicians involve the best practices and the finest equipment to treat their patients suffering at our head and neck cancer clinics.

If the need arises, we leave no stone unturned to get the best suggestions from other experts of the field. Conducting additional checkups, surgeries, or therapies to devise the best outcome is one of the main objectives at our centers. Every member working at Grado Clinics receive continuous training so that they are able to assess and develop effective medical plans according to the patient’s existing condition. We strive to deliver correct treatments as planned every day to our patients, thus completely minimizing the risk of improper medication or therapy.

Risk Factors of Head and Neck Cancer

Tobacco consumption, alcohol use, and exposure to asbestos are some of the common factors that lead to neck cancer, therefore our doctors and nutritionists constantly guide the patients towards leading a healthy lifestyle and provide details on how to avoid direct exposure to asbestos. Our relentless dedication and hard work in finding suitable treatments has enabled us to develop effective neck cancer treatment for our patients.

People who consume alcohol and tobacco are more susceptible to head and neck cancer. At Grado Clinics, we try to help patients overcome tobacco and alcohol consumption. Apart from providing appropriate head cancer treatment, constant encouragement is given to the patients by our doctors and even family members, who are allowed to take active part in the patient’s speedy recuperation.

Give us a chance and we would be happy to address your problems or apprehensions in the most sympathetic and professional manner. Leave all your problems to us, and we would plan suitable medication after proper consultation and pertinent checkups. We love the smiling face of our patients and we work very hard to satisfy those expectations.

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