Phoenix: Skin Center facility

The Skin Center facility for Southwest Oncology Centers is located at 16620 N 40th Street, Suite C3, in North Phoenix (see map below). Our boutique-style facility is fully dedicated to the personalized treatment of patients with non-melanoma skin cancers.

As Radiation Oncologists who have worked closely with dermatologists at many facilities, we are offering an effective treatment for those cases where dermatologists have concluded that a surgical resection would not yield an optimal medical or cosmetic outcome. Our physicians have long-term experience treating patients with electronic brachytherapy and using linear accelerators for electron-beam delivery. We treat patients with invasive basal cell or squamous cell skin carcinomas, and Bowen’s carcinoma in situ.

Tightly localized radiation treatment is an invaluable option for those skin cancers that may have arisen in surgically awkward locations, such as eyelids, nose, ears or lips. Or which may be adjacent to tendons or other sensitive structures, and in sites of thin skin, such as the scalp or the front of the lower leg. This irradiation treatment may also be recommended for those patients at greater risk for surgical excision, such as those with diabetes or who require anti-coagulation therapy for cardiovascular conditions. We can also offer superficial skin irradiation, as effective prophylaxis against bulky scar tissue in keloid-forming patients.

More info about Dr. Suasin and Dr. Levy can be found within Our Cancer Specialists section, or by clicking their names in this sentence. Telephone contact: (480) 937-1246

Right Scalp Vertex

Left Temple

Right Ear


CAPTION: 63-year-old man with multiple, deeply invasive, squamous cell and basal cell skin carcinomas of the right scalp vertex, left temple, right ear and forehead. The images in the upper row were taken pre-treatment. The images in the lower row demonstrate the excellent clinical and cosmetic results achieved following courses of tightly conformal irradiation to these scattered sites of aggressive skin cancer.

Left Ear


After Treatment

CAPTION: 78-year-old man with squamous cell carcinoma lesions of the left ear, invading into the ear’s cartilage. On the left is the pre-treatment image, with ink dots encircling the skin-cancer lesions. On the right, the post-treatment picture shows an excellent clinical and cosmetic result from conformal irradiation treatment.

Left Lower Lateral Lip


After Treatment

CAPTION: 70-year-old woman with a disfiguring squamous cell carcinoma lesion of her left lower lateral lip. The pre-treatment image on the left shows a deeply erosive lesion. The image on the right shows an excellent clinical and cosmetic result from conformal irradiation treatment.

Map for Southwest Skin Center

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