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Lymphomas may develop in the lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, and blood and affect the lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells. The lymphocytes multiplying and growing at a fast rate eventually form a tumor.

Lymphomas can be lethal as they can affect the entire body if the cancerous lymphocytes migrate from the affected area to other parts of the body in the lymphatic system and blood. Effective diagnosis and treatment becomes all the more important as the symptoms might even show in the areas away from the affected one. The disease is of two types: Hodgkin’s disease and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the latter being more common.

Lymphomas Cancer

Cancer of the lymph nodes, such as Hodgkin’s disease or Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, can often involve multiple lymph node regions and occasionally other (extra nodal) sites. Optimal treatment often involves chemotherapy, and radiation therapy is frequently used to treat involved or bulky sites, often using large fields of treatment to cover multiple lymph node bearing regions. Although the effective doses are low and can usually be given in 3-4 weeks, sometimes large volumes of lung or small intestine can be at risk for damage. Tomotherapy can do a good job of limiting dosage to these normal structures, and by using CT image guidance, the uncertainty of reproducing treatment positioning for large fields of treatment can be reduced.

Childhood Malignancies

Fortunately, cancer is rare in children; however, solid tumors (not leukemia) can often grow rapidly and to a large size before they are detected. If possible, surgical removal is recommended unless the danger or disability to the child prohibits this. Many childhood cancers also respond to chemotherapy, but a number of tumors will also require radiation therapy. Radiation delivery is especially challenging in children because the bones and hormone producing glands are still growing and are sensitive to the effects of radiation. Since Tomotherapy can precisely target such tumors, while relatively sparing adjacent structures, it is possible to limit the dosage to growing bones and glands while treating inoperable cancers to effective doses. It is even possible to treat the entire brain and spinal cord to effective doses, while protecting the bones of the spine and head enough to permit relatively normal growth. Some institutions are even treating the entire bone marrow instead of the entire body in preparation for bone marrow transplantation.

With conventional radiation, even with IMRT, children must sometimes be positioned lying on their stomach or even standing (for total body treatment). Since the Tomotherapy beam rotates around the child like a CT scanner, all children can be treated comfortably lying on their back.

Lymphomas Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

We at Grado Clinics try our best to diagnose the cancer early for effective and the best possible lymphomas treatment. Our team of efficient and empathetic doctors and assistants are always there to help the patient with the best of medical treatment. We make sure that the treatment is paired with care and compassion for better end early healing.

At Grado Clinics, we all strive to provide the most advanced and effective treatment for lymphomas. We give utmost importance to early diagnosis of the cancer, as timely detection helps in the effective treatment of the disease. Grado Clinics employs the latest technology and a competent team of doctors for correct diagnosis of the lymphomas cancer in the initial stage.

Cancer, being a serious ailment, needs timely and effective medical treatment along with consistent support of the family and friends. We not only ensure the best medical treatment but also an amiable surrounding for a more positive healing process. At Grado Clinics, family and friends become a part of the treatment to extend the much needed support, care, and concern to the patients.

Tomotherapy for Lymphomas Cancer

With the modern Tomotherapy treatment devices, we now provide the facility of the latest radiation oncology treatment for cancer in any part of the body. CT images are used on a daily basis for giving the best of the medication as planned. For lymphomas cancer treatment, we resort to the state-of-the-art medical treatment with a dedicated and an experienced team that endeavors to make it effective and easy for the patients.

As Lymphomas cancer has the tendency to affect the other parts of the body, we aim at detecting it as soon as possible to impede its growth. Every symptom is dealt with attention and seriousness for precise diagnosis to treat it early and to stop its development further. Our team at the lymphomas treatment center works relentlessly for treating patients with the most advanced medical procedure that includes latest technology, top-quality diagnostic techniques, modern devices, and a caring approach towards the ailing patients.

We at Grado Clinics, make sure to be present to help you anytime. You can contact us online as well with your queries or problems. We would be glad to help you at the earliest. We treat every case of cancer with high accuracy, consideration, dedication, and care. Besides the medical treatment, we extend emotional and mental support to our patients to deal with the ailment more strongly. Our practical and sympathetic approach towards the lymphomas patients makes us one of the best lymphomas treatment clinics.

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