Connective Tissues Cancer Treatment in Arizona Clinics

Cancer of the connective tissue, also known as sarcomas, is a rare disease. As this type of cancer affects very few people, the disease presents and incorporates multifaceted selection of treatment options. If detected, patients need to take instant medical care in order to recuperate fully.

Connective Tissue Cancer

Cancers that arise in bone, muscle, cartilage, or tendon are usually sarcomas. Surgery is the treatment of choice; however, it is often difficult for sarcomas of the trunk to be removed, and sarcomas of the limbs sometimes cannot be removed without amputation. In these situations, 5 or 6 weeks of radiation treatment given before or after a “wide excision” or “limb sparing” procedure can achieve good local control rates. Unfortunately, with conventional radiation, bones or large blood vessels adjacent to the tumor can receive enough radiation to potentially damage the limb or bone. Since Tomotherapy can precisely target these tumors while relatively sparing adjacent structures, it is possible to limit the dosage to bones and blood vessels while treating sarcomas to effective doses. This can be particularly beneficial if long segments of bone or vessels are at risk.

Connective Tissue Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

The team of experienced doctors and specialists at Grado Clinics has a proven track record in diagnosing and providing prompt connective tissues cancer treatment to the patients. At Grado Clinics, every patient is addressed on a one-to-one basis by an experienced doctor, and every important detail of the physical condition of the patient is analyzed carefully. The specialized treatments at our centers are conducted only after proper consultation with the patients. The patients at our state-of-the-art centers are treated with personal attention and care so that they get well soon.

Connective tissues cancer has the tendency to occur at any part of the body and can affect people of all ages, therefore we strive hard to detect the symptoms of the disease at the earliest, so that we plan and execute appropriate connective tissues treatment on our patients. As connective tissues cancer has a tendency to spread and develop tumors in muscles, nerves, tendons and even bones, our qualified doctors make it a point to diagnose the disease at an early stage so that the disease does not spread to other parts of the body.

Primary Connective Tissue Cancer

Primary connective tissues cancer is curable, so we conduct additional checkups or obtain useful advice from specialists so that we are able to eliminate the cancerous cells present in the body. Correct diagnosis is the first vital step in the treatment for connective tissues cancer. Therefore, we take extra care in the diagnosis by conducting additional pathologic tests and therapies. Every treatment is planned and executed carefully every day under the supervision of experienced doctors and nurses, hence you can expect quality treatment from us every time.

At Grado Clinics, we have latest CT scans, X-ray machines, and MRI machines that help us in conducting correct tomotherapy and radiation therapies on our patients. We have been able to control the connective tissues cancer rate by using our sophisticated equipment that assists us in executing radiation and tomotherapy therapies without exposing the other organs of the body to excessive radiation.

Best Connective Tissue Treatment

Patients suffering from this cancer must go through a thorough diagnostic and evaluation workup before receiving any treatment, so our doctors and pathologists work in tandem to arrive at favorable judgments, which in turn help them in devising suitable connective tissues surgery, medication, or therapy.

Our objective is to provide the right cancer treatment to the right person at the right time, and we endeavor to fulfill this goal with full commitment and dedication. We want our patients to recover fast, so we try to make specific medical arrangements at the earliest. Grado Clinics take pride in providing the best connective tissues treatment to the patients at affordable cost so that every person suffering from this cancer gets an opportunity to the right medication at the right point of time.

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