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There are many factors and conditions that are responsible for the occurrence of colorectal cancer in patients. Age, inflammatory bowel, diverticulitis, and even family history are some of the factors that can lead to colorectal cancer. Frequent medical tests and early recognition of symptoms can help to eradicate or reduce the damage caused by colorectal cancer.

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Cancer of the colon and rectum is very common in the U.S. Early tumors can be treated with surgical removal, however larger tumors or cancers in the lower rectum frequently require 5 or 6 weeks of radiation, given before or after surgery (with or without chemotherapy depending upon other factors), to prevent recurrence and/or a permanent colostomy. Tomotherapy permits reduction of dosage to the small intestines while permitting successful treatment of the colon or rectum and its draining lymph nodes. This may reduce the likelihood of long-term bowel problems as well as the possibility of post-surgical complications.

Colorectal cancer can also spread to the liver; frequently, it is the only site of spread. Since the liver is very sensitive to radiation, in the past it has been difficult to treat liver metastases with radiation without damaging the liver. Tomotherapy now allows us to accurately target liver tumors to receive high doses of radiation, while safely sparing the rest of the liver.

Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

At Grado Clinics, we take extra care in detecting the early symptoms of colorectal cancer so that people suffering from this disease could get medical relief at the earliest. Our advanced medical equipment, dedicated staff, and compassionate method of counseling our patients have assisted us in detecting the symptoms of this cancer at the earliest, which in turn facilitates in devising appropriate colorectal cancer treatment according to the patient’s existing physical condition.

People need to be careful about their lifestyle and eating habits to increase their immunity against this type of cancer, particularly people who are above the age of 40 years. At Grado Clinics, we not only provide the best treatment for colorectal cancer, but our qualified doctors help our patients in gaining useful information about healthy eating habits and how to lead a healthy life post-cancer treatment.

Our doctors conduct detailed Tomotherapy sessions along with pathologic tests in order to identify the symptoms at the earliest. This approach helps us in assessing the prevailing physical condition of the patient in an appropriate way, which in turn assists in planning the best possible colorectal treatment. We pride in having some of the best contemporary cancer treatment centers that use sophisticated medical tools that help us in conducting meticulous tomotherapy, colonoscopy, chemotherapy, and other radiation therapies.

Early Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer

The goal of Grado Clinics is to diagnose the symptoms of colorectal cancer in its early stage, when the possibility of survival is more. Research indicates that the majority of patients across the world are diagnosed with colorectal cancer only at the last stages. Therefore, with our dedicated approach, we try our best to detect the disease at the earliest with our latest expertise, experienced doctors and, of course, the much needed gentle touch.

We have been able to control colorectal cancer rate to a significant level by generating awareness and encouraging people from all over the world to go for the relevant medical tests, particularly those who are more than 40 years of age. We have been successful with our persistent approach in creating awareness about the disease as our patients have responded well by going through frequent physical checkups at our centers.

Whatever may be your physical or emotional problems, you can easily discuss all your difficulties at our centers without any apprehensions, and we would be very pleased to address your problems and find suitable solutions. Our doctors and counselor guide the patients at every step of their treatment in order to help obtain favorable results. You will be consulted at every step of the medication, and we strive to devise positive medical strategies to provide maximum relief to our patients, therefore our patients have recognized Grado Clinics as one of the best colorectal treatment clinics.

We cherish this love and appreciation given to us, and we strive to provide even better services to our patients around the globe for colorectal cancer treatment.

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