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Out of every 100 diagnosis of cancers in the USA, one is a brain cancer, according to a recent research. Brain cancer originates in the brain tissue that affects brain functions such as memory, muscle control, sensation, and other body functions.

Brain Tumor Cancer

Brain tumor cancer can be malignant or benign with neither of the two having tendency to spread in other parts of the body. However, cancer in other parts of the body such as lung cancer or breast cancer can spread to brain through the blood, causing brain tumor cancer. Timely detection of brain tumor and effective brain cancer treatment is essential for relieving patients from pain and stress.

Malignant tumors can never be completely removed by surgery, and many benign tumors are found next to critical brain structures such that surgical removal could result in a permanent disability. Radiation therapy is frequently used in such instances. Treatment may vary from a 6-7 week course to an abbreviated 2-3 week course (fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy) to a single high dose session (stereotactic radiosurgery). Because of its CT-image guidance, Tomotherapy can precisely target benign or malignant brain tumors, while relatively sparing critical structures adjacent to them, which might limit a surgical approach.

Sometimes cancer from other organs such as lung or breast can spread through the bloodstream to the brain. These metastases can cause serious disability, seizures, or paralysis. Most often, a short (2-3 week) course of radiation to the entire brain is recommended; however, in selected situations, additional delivery of a single high dose of radiation to the tumor(s) can improve and prolong quality of life. Tomotherapy is an excellent means of accomplishing this because of its ability to limit dosage to the rest of the brain.

Brain Tumor Treatment

We at Grado Clinics ensure early and precise diagnosis of brain cancer for speedy medical treatment. Our team of medical experts deal with every case of brain tumor cancer competently. The medical staff are equipped with the requisite experience and knowledge for effective brain tumor treatment. Every latest development in the field of brain tumor cancer treatment is considered by our doctors while planning the medical procedure.

Our approach towards treating patients is above par with other brain tumor treatment centers as we combine practical and modern medical procedures with compassion and care. We try to release the ailing from the fear and anxiety by extending thorough emotional and mental support. We believe in making the entire medical treatment for brain tumor cancer a stress-free process for the patient and his family.

Tomotherapy and Radiation Oncology Treatment

At Grado Clinics, we have ensured to have the latest technology to deal with cancer cases more effectively. From Tomotherapy, a state-of-the-art radiation oncology treatment, to top quality supplements, we strive to deliver the best in brain tumor cancer treatments. We take every symptom very seriously for correct diagnosis and treatment.

We at Grado Clinics have the latest radiation oncology treatment for practically any part of the body. As brain tumor surgery cannot ensure complete removal of the tumor and affects the other parts, radiation therapy is used for such cases. Our medical team of experts use CT images daily for a planned and effective medical treatment. The everyday CT-image assists Tomotherapy to deal with malignant or benign brain tumors.

Cancer, being a serious ailment, needs immediate attention and treatment. The disease also calls for immense support from family and friends. We at Grado Clinics encourage family members and friends of the ailing to provide unconditional support to the patients. The care and concern extended in this phase will help the patient in overcoming the stress and fear for better recovery at our brain tumor centers.

Cancer Treatment Clinics

At Grado Clinics, we strive to deliver our best while treating the cancer patients. Our approach is guided by the latest advancements in the field of treatments of brain tumors cancer. Our team works persistently towards making the medical procedure more effective against the ailment, and easy and relieving for the patient. The keen efforts, modern medical procedures, and empathetic approach towards the ailing make us one of the best brain tumor treatment clinics.

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