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There has been a significant improvement in the standard treatments and the advancement of medical equipment used in breast cancer treatment across the world, but a large number of women continue to die from this life threatening disease every year. This reality stresses the need for more improved and still better breast cancer therapies. A successful breast cancer therapy is the medical remedy through which the disease can be eliminated and stopped from causing further damage.

Tomotherapy for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, although rarely it can appear in men as well. Early breast cancer can be treat with “breast conservation therapy,” involving limited removal of the tumor, sampling of sentinel lymph nodes and whole breast irradiation (with or without chemotherapy, depending upon other factors). Tomotherapy produces a uniform radiation dose through the breast, avoiding “hot spots” which are associated with bothersome skin reactions. This normally requires about 6 weeks of treatment. It may also permit “partial breast irradiation” without requiring an implant. Partial breast irradiation after conservative surgery appears to be as effective as whole breast irradiation in selected women and only requires 1 week of treatment.

More advanced breast cancer and cancers, which have recurred after surgery, radiation, or both, might be particularly suitable for Tomotherapy, since treatment can be delivered with one continuous field. This avoids “hot spots” where adjacent fields may overlap during conventional treatment. Since normal heart and lung tissue can be well protected with this technique, long term side effects may be reduced as well.

Best Breast Conservation Therapy

At Grado Clinics, with our experienced staff, latest medical expertise, and continuous training, we have been able to provide top grade breast cancer treatment to women from around the world. Our committed approach in providing quick and reliable treatments has assisted us in controlling the breast cancer rate to a significant level. Apart from providing top-level treatments to our patients, Grado Clinics also believe in boosting the morale of the patients, therefore an empathetic approach is adopted by our doctors for the betterment of the patients.

We take additional care while performing physical tests and reviewing all the X-rays, laboratory tests, and pathological checkups of our patients carefully so that we are able to provide planned treatments every day. At Grado Clinics, our trained radiation oncologists and nurses first evaluate the medical condition of the woman on a one-on-one basis, so that every minute medical detail is taken care of to devise a successful medical strategy for disease management. Our physicians strive to get the best possible treatment, according to the patient’s current medical state, involving one or more precise options that focus on eliminating the cancerous cells in many ways.

We specialize in providing the best breast conservation therapy that minimizes the possibility of the disease returning back, therefore our appropriate medication and continuous motivation techniques actually help in getting rid or reducing the spread of the disease over an extended period. Under the able leadership and guidance of Dr. Grado, we have been able to devise appropriate medical plans that have been successful in reducing or eliminating the threats of breast cancer in women.

Quality Medication and Treatment

Our radiation oncologists, if needed, go an extra mile to conduct additional tests in order to determine the exact damage caused by the cancer, which in turn helps us in strategizing suitable breast cancer treatments. We keep all our options open, and if required, refer our patients to specialists for a suitable advice about surgery, radiation therapy, or the latest chemotherapy.

Our mission at Grado Clinics is to provide ideal treatment along with a positive environment that our physician would feel is right for the patient. With ongoing training at our state-of the-art facilities, we continue to plan targeted therapies that work in the best interests of our patients. Our relentless approach in detecting the disease at the earliest and finding appropriate therapies to eradicate the danger has helped us in gaining a prominent position in the field of cancer prevention. Our quality medication, modern facilities, and amicable environment has assisted us in getting the distinction of being the one of the top cancer treatment clinics.

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